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Do you feel the presence of great potential inside you, but it just feels ... blocked?


And no matter what you do, nothing seems to un-block you?


Are you ready to find out what has REALLY been blocking you, why it has been blocking you, and how you can fully, completely, and permanently dynamite those blocks?


I'm Robert Scheinfeld, New York Times bestselling author, Inc. 500 entrepreneur, globetrotting speaker, teacher, and coach.


I've been exactly where you are now. Millions of people have. Probably billions of people. Yet only a small fraction end up experiencing The Big Breakthroughs and taking the Quantum Leaps I know you want.


Odds are, you've searched for answers and help from books, courses, audios, videos, workshops, experts, and coaches.


Odds are, you’ve tried zillions of techniques, systems, and strategies on your quest to change, fix, and improve your life.


But you're still blocked. Still frustrated. Still confused about why you’re not getting what you want. Still not living a life that's as fun, easy, rich and fulfilling as you hunger for (deep down).


What if I told you it’s not your fault?


What if I told you the answers you've been given, and even the questions you've been asking, just haven't gone deep enough into The Truth of things to open a doorway to what you want most?


There's a lot more going on behind the scenes of your life than you’ve been taught.


There’s a “Hidden Story” you’ve never been told.


You can't remove your blocks, start getting what you want most, and life a life you totally love, unless the Hidden Story is revealed to you.


I'm uniquely qualified to help you with that, as you'll soon be able to verify for yourself!

By The End Of The Masterclass, You'll Know ...

  • How to remove the 4 deeply hidden blocks that have been holding you back

    4 deeply hidden blocks have been holding you back. 4 blocks no one told you about before.  4 blocks that are at a deeper level, underneath what you've been taught about beliefs, mindset, subconscious mind, energy, vibration,  and more. By the end of the Masterclass, you'll be crystal clear on what the 4 blocks are and how they can be removed.

  • The 4 steps that permanently eradicate struggle, suffering, and pain from your life, even during the crazy times we're living in

    There are 4 steps you must take to permanently end your struggle with fear, sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, stress, worry, or whatever negativity has dragged you down. Then you can experience TRUE happiness and inner peace, all the time, no matter what's happening. By the end of the Masterclass, you'll know what the 4 steps are and how to take them NOW!

  • How to open the door to living your TRUE Dream Life, versus the fake dream life that wouldn't make you happy

    What if your current list of goals, wishes, and desires wouldn't actually make you happy?  What if something else would? Wouldn't you want to know what that something else is? Get crystal clear on the Truth that sets you FREE and awakens a life you truly love.

Robert Scheinfeld is a NY Times bestselling author, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, globetrotting speaker, teacher and coach, who has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

"NO ONE TEACHES THE TRUTH of the way things are more clearly and simply than ROBERT.


My daily experience of life is now COOLER than anything I could have ever imagined!"

Carlie Hardy, United States

"The great gift I received is the freedom to finally stop judging myself and the world, no matter what's happening.


Words cannot express my gratitude for this huge shift in consciousness.


Less judgment frees me of mental and emotional pressure, and allows me to experience more peace of mind and appreciation for what is."

Beverly Nadler, United States

"Robert has a way of cutting through all the mumbo-jumbo and getting right at the heart of the matter.


I’ve never known so much peace, joy and freedom. It’s truly been a blessing.”

Dan Burnham, United States

The best thing about Robert’s teachings is that they are truly transformational, not just theoretical.


There are no formulas to memorize; no mantras to repeat.


By the end of a course, the learner is really changed.”

Lisa Gwin, United States

The way I was before, negative thoughts and feelings consumed my life. I was crying all day.


I hated that I was having intense feelings of sadness, and also anger that I couldn’t seem to control.


I wanted them to stop or go away. The only way was to avoid it all by sleeping, which I did for 20 hours a day.


Now, everything is experienced so differently from before. I feel like a totally different person, and it hasn’t taken much effort.

Nicolle Lim, Singapore

I was unhappy and frustrated in my life.


I was driven to find more ways to make money. I changed jobs, cities, countries, went back to school, read books.


Financially, the stress was causing anxiety attacks and migraines so severe I stayed in bed.


The joy I feel now is priceless. Money is there when I need it, in the amount that's needed, no matter what occurs.


It's absolutely amazing!

Suresh Thakoor, United States

"Over the past 10 or so years, I tried a lot of different methods and techniques to cope with my suffering.


There was a long list of psychologists and psychiatrists, healers and gurus that kept telling me I had to do or take this, or not do or take that, in order to get rid of the unwanted feelings that haunted me and made my life so miserable. The results from all of it were short-lived.


Robert's teachings and experience gave me lasting inner peace.


I will be forever grateful to Robert for this fantastic experience"

Wiebke Panter, Germany

"After trying hundreds of other approaches from the East and West, Robert’s Teachings are what finally liberated me from limitation and helped me achieve the ultimate freedom of life"


John Zhang, China

"Now I feel safe.


I have changed from feeling so much anxiety, alone, and many times like I wanted to be dead, to feeling cared for and optimistic, safe, happy and free.


Which is what I was desperate for more than anything."

Tricia Edwards, Australia


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